24/7 Cybersecurity Protection for Your Small Business

Small business employees are the #1 target for social engineering cyberattacks, especially remote and hybrid teams. With an attack occurring every 14 seconds, and the average ransomware payout at $177,000, your firewall and antivirus aren’t enough.

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Feature Basic Cybersecurity Advance Cybersecurity Remote User Support Full Office Support
Managed AV
Device Patching
Internet Content Management
Advanced Email Filtering
Dual Authentication
Remote User Support
Cyber Awareness Training
Managed Firewall
Onsite User Support
Security Operations Center
Incident Response
Protect Your Business
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Managed Cybersecurity Plans

Basic Cybersecurity

  • Industry leading security software for workplace computers
  • Continuous patching of common desktop applications (PC and Mac)
  • Internet content filtering from known malicious sites
  • Active human-based process monitoring of computers
  • $79 setup fee includes first month subscription
  • Setup fee waived with 1-Year agreement

Advanced Cybersecurity

  • Basic Cybersecurity product plus…
  • Dual Authentication solution using Cisco Duo
  • Training tracks and review of user cyber awareness
  • Ability to submit suspicious activities for review and collaboration with the ATS community
  • Invitation to Client-Only events for on-going training and next-gen technology discussions

Remote User Support

  • Advanced Cybersecurity product plus…
  • 24×7 Remote User Support for common computer and device related IT needs
  • Cyberawareness training to help users avoid common pitfalls of cyber attacks

Full Office Support

  • Remote User Support plus…
  • Managed Firewalls for the Office
  • On-site support as required
  • Security Operations Center monitoring and incident response



No. Antivirus software is typically unable to detect modern threats and in some cases, it is being used to deploy the ransomware. (Forbes)

Cybercriminals commonly use employees to gain easy access through social engineering and malicious software attacks. Antivirus misses many of the threats getting through at the network and host level of your business.


In 2019, a single data breach cost businesses an average of $200,000. (CNBC)

Small businesses are now not just liable for damages to their own business, but also to their online third-party partners. New laws in states like NY and CA also impose harsh fines for consumer data breaches, even if your company doesn’t reside there.

Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Attacks: Get Started

Don’t count on antivirus software to keep your business protected. Contact ATS today and learn more about bulletproof protection against cyberattacks for small businesses.

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