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Assessing where to invest your IT dollars in 2023? Looking for 24/7 cybersecurity without breaking the bank?

We have cost-saving options that have been a game-changer for our fellow community-based small businesses. With our tech stimulus you will stop throwing away thousands of dollars by grossly overpaying for services.

We guarantee that we’ll find you savings.

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Tech Stimulus – How It Works

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“We were replacing outdated PCs, laptops and other equipment. The original quote was $85,000. I am thankful that I had ATS review the quote before making our selection, otherwise we would be overpaying by $27,000. With ATS’ review, not only did we save significantly, we discovered the equipment included in our original quote was outdated and not going to help future-proof our business. ATS was by far the right choice because they put us first – not their profit.”

Brian, Phoenix Manufacturing Company

“We see it all the time. Businesses not really knowing what they are getting versus what they are paying for when it comes to their IT and security or other business technologies for that matter. It’s not right. We’re helping our community businesses thrive – especially during uncertain times.” 

Aaron Frazier, ATS VP of Sales and Marketing

Next: Compare your options and decide if ATS makes better sense for your business:

We have tailored managed IT and cybersecurity packages that can be customized to meet your business’s unique needs as well as flat-rate fees. Perfect for any company size or budget for predictable costs now and into the future.

IT Services

Managed Services
Solving all your IT needs at a flat-rate fee.

Help Desk
Maximizing your productivity by handling every computer issue.

Remote IT Services
Saving you time by plugging into your machines from afar.

Security Services
Detecting threats and protecting sensitive information.

Cyber Secure
24/7 cybersecurity protection for your small business.

Business Services

Voice and Data Services
Handling both Cloud and on-premise phone systems.

Low Voltage Cabling Services
Installing the entire wiring infrastructure of your facility.

Access Control Services
Regulating employee-entry around your building.

Surveillance Services
Preserving the physical security of your premises.


Phone systems, VoIP, internet, WiFi, Zoom services, Quickbooks, licenses and subscriptions, your cybersecurity insurance policy. This is in addition to your IT and cybersecurity services.

We can provide an integrated approach: co-managed IT or co-managed cybersecurity which may include things like help desk, cybersecurity services and tools, etc.

Learn Where You Can Recoup Your Technology Costs: Show Me Now

IT, cybersecurity, business services. Three critical pieces of your business that you need and have to pay for. 

Contact ATS today – we’ll help you keep more of your own money and control your costs.You’ll know exactly what you are paying for. And feel good about where you’re saving!

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