When logging into a website or account, simply entering a username and password is not always a secure enough system. Single-factor authentication can leave websites and accounts at risk of hacking or breaches of privacy. While an IT service company can provide support in reclaiming access to a hacked site or account, further action should be taken to prevent reoccurrence. Let us take a look at two-factor authentication and how it increases security.

A Brief History of 2FA

Until the late 2000s and 2010s, two-factor authentication (2FA) was not as convenient as it is today. This was the time when people began carrying smartphones and wireless internet access was provided at virtually every public establishment. Now that people can opt to have a text or phone call sent to the very device they were using instead of a secondary device, it has become far easier to log in to accounts and websites.

The Purpose Behind 2FA

The surge in 2FA came from the need to reduce the number of data breaches that internet users were experiencing. The issue with internet privacy and security had quickly become more than just one for the IT service companies to solve. By doubling the number of factors needed to access a large percentage of websites and accounts, it became exponentially more difficult for hackers to gain access to private software.

Types of 2FA

Early forms of 2FA started as reCAPTCHA image categorizations for users to make sense of skewed letters and numerals, placing them in a field. Modern 2FA strategies often include email confirmations and the choice between verification via phone call or text message. With the former, users would click a link in an email to prove their information was correct. With the latter, a code would be sent to the user who would then place it into a field similar to any password screen. These methods prevent hackers who do not have access to emails or phones to gain access to the sites or accounts in question.

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